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    • We are a close-knit community, we take pride and celebrate in one another’s success. You get endless encouragement and accountability, both of which are crucial to sticking with a fitness and wellness journey.
    • You get personal attention and training in a small group setting by a CFL1. Our coaches are able to educate on movements, recognize and correct inconsistencies and improper form or usage during class to help you get the most from your workouts while keeping you safe.
    • We welcome everyone- people with little to no athletic background, people looking to gain muscle or lose weight, athletes looking to maximize their fitness, the young, older and elderly, and even people with long-term ailments or injuries that need help with just moving and staying mobile.
    • We are able to scale all of our movements at a level you are able to safely and confidently perform. Two of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit are that you have to already be in shape in order to do it and that it is all about lifting heavy weight. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!




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    1085 N Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073

    Call us: (540) 598-3311