Kaleb Shrader

CF-L1 Trainer

Coach Kaleb here! I’m a coach here because of the community that is CFCB. Being involved in organized sport nearly my whole life I have never been around a more supportive, fun and driven group of people! Showing up each day with like minded people and a devotion to bettering yourself is what gets it done! Starting Crossfit in my 30’s has been life changing. I have been lucky to introduce and share this journey with my wife Rachel who may be more competitive than I, finding a great deal of success as well! I have found new abilities in various body movements and gymnastics and tapping into feats of strength I never thought I could again. Understanding what this change has done for my mental, emotional and physical well being gives me passion to share it with others. We are glad you are here with us so leave ego at the door, drink the kool aid and enjoy the ride! 3, 2, 1…. Go!